I’m a German illustrator and explorer based in Los Angeles.



Selected Clients
Vans, Harvard, NYT mag, Giphy, Hulu, TIAA, Michelin, Hyperobject Industries, Tumblr, LA COLOMBE, Disney, Penguin Random House, Tradewind, Popsugar, LA Times, Warby Parker, Amazon, Clarins, Working not Working and Sony Music

Sammi Arman, Nail Providence, Unreasonable Studios

- Lose the fear of Drawing (x)
- What to put in a sketchbook (x)

About my work
Though I enjoy exploring a wide range of subject matter, recurring themes in my work are: self-care, love, and improvement (often imagined at the intersection of human characters and personal objects). I most often create drawings in the medium of pen and ink on paper or utilizing digital lines with a similar handmade feel.

About my work
I’m also a daydreamer, nightgazer, ambient music 

afficionado, cinephile and bookwork. When I’m not drawing I enjoy cooking, playing my 80s synth or going on a hike.