Saskia Keultjes

Dreaming in Lines


I’m a German illustrator specializing in line art and exploration for illustrative branding, editorial, video, and advertising.

Line-Based in Los Angeles.



Amazon, Buzzfeed, Chobani, Clarins, Cosmopolitan, Disney, Gap, Ginza Magazine Tokyo, Harper Collins, Hulu, Johns Hopkins University, Penguin Random House, Popsugar, The LA Times, The New Yorker, R/GA, The Washington Post, Toyota, Tumblr, Vans, and Warby Parker.

Recurring themes in my work are self-care, love, and improvement–often imagined with human characters and personal objects, though I love exploring all kinds of subjects. I mostly enjoy creating drawings in the medium of pen and ink (on paper) or seeking digital lines with similar, hand-made tangibility.


I’m also a daydreamer, nightgazer, ambient aficionado, bookworm & cinephile. When I’m not drawing, I play my 80s synths or go to a film screening.


Apparel design, book illustration, brand explorations, conceptual artwork, content pieces, editorial illustration, hand-made drawings, iconography, illustrative branding, interior illustrations, mural design, line art, live/event drawing, pen and ink, spot illustrations, style frames and vector art.

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