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i’m a german illustrator specializing in drawing and exploration for illustrative branding, interior, editorial, video, and advertising 

based in los angeles via nyc


Repped by Sullivan Moore

selected clients

amazon, buzzfeed, chobani, clarins, cosmopolitan, disney, gap, ginza magazine tokyo, harper collins, hulu, johns hopkins university, penguin random house, popsugar, the good american, the la times, the new yorker, the washington post, toyota, tumblr, vans, and warby parker.

warby parker
my art adorns both entrances and the interior of their 3rd Brooklyn location on 208 Flatbush Avenue, NY 11217

my work
my experience spans over a decade of drawing, brand and agency work–I flourish in collaboration with other creatives. 

recurring themes in my work are
self-care, love, and improvement–often imagined with human characters and personal objects, though I love exploring all kinds of subjects.
I mostly enjoy creating drawings in the medium of pen and ink (on paper) or seeking digital lines with similar, hand-made tangibility.

apparel design, book illustration, brand explorations, conceptual artwork, content pieces, editorial illustration, hand-made drawings, iconography, illustrative branding, interior illustrations, line art, mural design, line art, live/event drawing, pen and ink, spot illustrations, storyboard, style frames and vector art.

about me
I’m also a dreamer, nightgazer, ambient aficionado, bookworm & cinephile. when I am not drawing, I play my 80s synth or go to a film screening.

to see what I am working on now, follow me on instagram, tumblr and WORKING NOT WORKING.

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