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Warby Parker

Store location
208 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

I created the dreamy artwork that adorns both entrances and the interior of Warby Parker's third (!) Brooklyn location. The scope was a large art wall inside, two storefront murals (front and back entrance) and 21 illustrations for the framed art panels inside of the store.

On top of that I was on-site during the opening for a live drawing session. For the store activation, we printed the big wall mural on posters and removed one character to create space for portraits on request.

Thanks to AD/Producer/magician: Matt Singer

Wall Mural, Store Mural, Posters, Signs, Print on wood panel, social content

Project Link

Brownstoner 1
Brownstoner 2
Brooklyn Paper

Photo credit: Craig Hubert for Brownstoner and Warby Parker website
Photos courtesy of Warby Parker

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