German illustrator & explorer in Los Angeles

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I’m a German illustrator based in Brooklyn. I specialise in illustrative branding, book illustration and editorial. Recurring themes in my work are self-care, love, and improvement – often visualised with female characters and personal objects, though, I love exploring all kinds of subjects. Mostly, I enjoy creating drawings in the medium of pen and ink (on paper) or seeking for digital lines that hold a similar, hand-made tangibility.

Clients include 
AngelList, Brita, Bustle, Capital One, Clarins,
Cosmopolitan, Disney, Gap, Ginza Mag Tokyo, Harper Collins, Hello Walden, Hulu, Lola, Penguin Random House, PopSugar, Something New, The LA Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Toyota, TrialSpark, Tumblr, Vans, Warby Parker and more.


Book Illustration, Animated Gifs, Brand Explorations, Conceptual Illustration, Content Pieces, Cover Artwork, Digital Art, Editorial, Hand-made Drawings, Icons, Line Art, Pen and Ink, Spot Illustration, Style Frames

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