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Saskia Keultjes is a Brooklyn-based freelance illustrator creating work for brands, books and editorial as well as interactive web projects.

Recurring themes in her work are self-care, love, and improvement – often visualised with female characters and personal objects though she loves exploring all kinds of subjects.

Sask annotates her books heavily, and she always carry a fountain pen. Shout-out to cold brew!

Clients include
The LA Times, Vans, The New Yorker, HelpScout, Cosmopolitan, Hulu, Tumblr, Penguin Random House and more


Illustration Rep for USA and Canada
(t) 631-235-5245

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Instagram: @saskdraw
Medium: @saskdraws


Book Illustration, Brand Illustration, Brand Explorations, Conceptual Illustration, Digital Art, Editorial, Hand-made Drawings, Icons, Line Art, Pen and Ink, Spot Illustration


English, German, French

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